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I have writing a Java application in IntelliJ 12 using Maven and Spring. I have the following folders:

src/main/java : for Java code

src/main/resources: for resources to be packaged into final built JAR

src/main/config: for external resources, i.e. the spring configuration file.

I have tried making the src/main/config a sources folder, however, upon running my application, it fails with a FileNotFoundException on the following line:

new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext("spring-config.xml");

spring-config.xml sits inside src/main/config.

Also, I have noticed this file does not get copied over to the target directory that intelliJ produces when 'Make' building the project.

For now I am resorting to using a FileBasedApplicationContext for testing, however it would be nice to be able to run the application from within intelliJ without having to edit the code.


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It seems like this should work. That said, by convention, I'd use src/main/resources, which is the standard Maven config directory, lexically because it's not an external resource : it's on the classpath. If it's there only for testing then it belongs in the test directory, if it's only for running inside IntelliJ I'd specify it via the run config and use a trivial custom configurator. –  Dave Newton Feb 8 '13 at 14:32

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See my comment here. Resource directories/patterns must be explicitly defined in your pom.xml file like this:

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You have not answered my question at all. I am trying to maven build the project. I want to run my application in intelliJ so that I can debug it. In terms of the maven build, I will use the assembly plugin to create a bundle containing the built JAR, its dependencies and this external spring file. –  user1638152 Feb 8 '13 at 15:13
IDEA build uses Maven information to find out what files it should include in classpath. If your pom defines resources in some unusual or not yet supported by IDEA way, it will not work. The workaround is to disable external build in which case IDEA will use Settings | Compiler | Resource Patterns to copy additional files from the source folders. But it's a hack that you should avoid and describe all the resources in the pom file instead. –  CrazyCoder Feb 8 '13 at 15:25
Is there any fixes for a gradle based project. Mine is not including resouces at all. –  CoasterChris Nov 9 '14 at 18:45
@CrazyCoder Help me here: stackoverflow.com/questions/29685813/… –  user3615690 Apr 16 at 21:54

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