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These are my (abbreviated) entities:

public class User {

    private Set<UserItem> items = Sets.newHashSet();


public class UserItem {

    private UUID id;


public class UserItemFurniture extends UserItem {


Now I want to get a UserItemFurniture by its UUID, but only if it is present a User's items. This is my attempt:

        "SELECT f " +
        "FROM UserItemFurniture f " +
        "WHERE f.id = :iid " +
        "AND f IN (SELECT u.items FROM User u WHERE u.id = :uid) ",
    .setParameter("uid", userId)
    .setParameter("iid", itemId)

But it generates this nonsensical SQL:

select useritemfu0_.id as id17_, useritemfu0_1_.item as item17_, useritemfu0_.roomNumber as roomNumber18_, useritemfu0_.x as x18_, useritemfu0_.y as y18_
from UserItemFurniture useritemfu0_ inner join UserItem useritemfu0_1_ on useritemfu0_.id=useritemfu0_1_.id
where useritemfu0_.id=? and (useritemfu0_.id in (
    select .
    from _User user1_, user_items items2_, UserItem useritem3_
    where user1_.id=items2_.user_id and items2_.useritem_id=useritem3_.id and user1_.id=?
limit ?

(note the subquery: SELECT .)

Can I do this without resorting to native or multiple queries? Note that UserItem does not have a reference to User, which is by design.

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Have you tried restricting by id the IN clause? Something like ...AND f.id IN (SELECT u.items.id FROM User ... – Xavi López Feb 8 '13 at 14:50
It is not possible to use u.items.id, because items as a collection valued path refers to whole collection and consequently it does not have attribute id (even that elements of collection do have). – Mikko Maunu Feb 12 '13 at 20:06
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Following query can be used:

FROM UserItemFurniture f
WHERE f.id = :uid AND EXISTS 
  (SELECT u FROM User u
   WHERE u.id = :iid and f MEMBER OF u.items)
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