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coming from Java world where we have NIO (nonblocking IO) I am not able to find a Ruby server that would be able to do the same as Jetty for example - to handle multiple requests with one thread. This is application transparent and using multiple threads / multiple processes, servers can handle thousands of concurrent requests easily.

I have only seen some application level "hacks" with EventMachine using deffer and other methods to handle more requests, but I think there could be servers doing that for applications translarently. Also Ruby 1.9 have now Fibers, so it could also leverage that. I just do not want to rebuild my application to scale up.

Is there something like that?

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Are you talking about web servers? What servers have you tried? What were the shortcomings of those servers for your application? – Catnapper Feb 8 '13 at 16:33

How about Unicorn? It's multi-process, not multi-thread

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