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I create tabs with jQuery :


<div id="tabs">

    <ul id="tab">
             <a href="#t1">Tab 1</a>
             <a href="#t2">Tab 2</a>

    <div id="tab-contents">
      <div id="t1">aaaaaaaaaa</div>
      <div id="t2">bbbbbbbbbb</div>




I empty my tab as

var tab = $("#tab").html()
var tabCont = $("#tab-contents").html()

and try to repaint it:

$("#tab").html(tab )
$("#tab-contents").html(tabCont )

it creates tab's elements but dont show them

what's problem?

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Why do you need to do this kind of thing ? Is it to refresh tab content when resizing ? – Mordhak Feb 8 '13 at 14:59
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jQueryUI adds a whole mess of data to the tags when it creates a UI component. My guess is that it is tripping up on the previous UI data and not re-creating it correctly. To fix it destroy the old tab data when you repaint like so:

$("#tabs").tabs( "destroy" );
$("#tab").html(tab )
$("#tab-contents").html(tabCont )
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