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I am familiar with SubSonic 2.2 and am coming up to speed with 3.0 and am unsure of the best way to do something. I have a CSV file that I am parsing and then inserting the records into the database. I want to be able to process the batch of inserts all at once. IE I would like to parse through the records and add them to a List insertAll and if all records in the import pass validation I would like to Insert them all at once. Doing something like Repo.Insert(insertAll). What options do I have in SubSonic 3.0. Are Transactions my only way to go?

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You can use the Add repository method to insert an IEnumerable list in a single transaction so you can do something like the following:

List<MyObject> = myObjects new List<MyObject>();

// Populate your MyObject List from your CSV file

SubSonicRepository<MyObject> repo = new SubSonicRepository<MyObject>(new MyDB());
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