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I'm having problems with edges overlapping each other. In my previous question of how to force the nodes to be in the same column, found out how to force the nodes in to one column, but this causes some other problems to appear.

digraph exmp {
  A -> B -> C -> D -> E
  C -> F [constraint=false]
  A -> C [style="dotted", constraint=false]
  A -> D [style="dotted",  constraint=false]
  B -> D [constraint=false]
  D -> A [style="dashed", constraint=false]
  C -> A [style="dashed", constraint=false]
  E -> F [style="invis"] 
  F -> G
  E -> C [constraint="false"]

Renders to:

alt text

My problem is that the edges from E -> C and C -> F are starting/ending at the same point in the node C and the dashed and dotted edges are all on the right side of the nodes.

How could I tell specific edges to go to the right side of the node?

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After a message in the graphviz mail list I've found that's at least possible to remove the E -> C and C -> F overlapping problem.

The simplest solution is to use a compass point port:

C:e -> F [constraint=false]

-- Emden

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