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Last year i did the core course from Spring. At that course i received a very good book named "Core Spring Student lecture manual" + exercises book. The problem is that after houres of suffering i still not managed to get the examples(solutions) runnable.

I have two options: -First i tryed to import all the projects into STS and intellij and i try to build them with Maven.

I also added all the dependency's manualy to my local repostirory but i get two errors

This repository does not exist anymore: Code:


and when i remove that repository in the pom.xml maven it complained that he can't find the parent project.


-As second i tryed to remove all the maven part and i just added the library's one by one manually to the projects the code compiles fine than but the problem is that the unit tests are nut running i get a stack trace "java.lang.exception" no runnable methods found.

For me i doesn't mather if it works with maven or manually as long as i can run the tests / compile its ok.

Is there anyone who also had problem with this?

Thanks anyway!

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As far as I know, you're not supposed to import them to any local IDE, you're supposed to use the STS provided in the material. Same goes to the repository - repository is provided in the training material. That's the same thing they've adviced in the spring forums as well.

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