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I'm doing some research about EF and came across a function that accepts

Func<IQueryable<Student>, IOrderedQueryable<Student>> 

and just wondering how to call that function that accepts that kind of parameter?

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Want to tell us which function, to make it easier to explain? –  AakashM Feb 8 '13 at 15:44

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imagine function is something like that, and you've got a property Id in Student class.

public static class Helper {
    public static void Test(Func<IQueryable<Student>, IOrderedQueryable<Student>> param)
            var test = 0;

then you could use it this way

var student = new List<Student>().AsQueryable();//non sense, just for example
Helper.Test(m => student.OrderBy(x => x.Id));

m => student.OrderBy(x => x.Id) is a

Func<IQueryable<Student>, IOrderedQueryable<Student>>

(IQueryable<student> as parameter, returning a IOrderedQueryable<Student>)

or just

Helper.Test(m => m.OrderBy(x => x.Id));

In fact this doesn't make much sense without a "real" function...

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define a method.

public IOrderedQueryable<Student> OrderingMethod(IQueryable<Student> query)
  return query.OrderBy(student => student.Name);

Now this assignment is legal:

Func<IQueryable<Student>, IOrderedQueryable<Student>> orderingFunc = this.OrderingMethod;

And now that you have it in a variable, it's easy to pass it to the method.

You could also do it all inline:

Func<IQueryable<Student>, IOrderedQueryable<Student>> orderingFunc =
  query => query.OrderBy(student => student.Name);
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