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I currently have a camel route set up to take something from an activemq topic, pass it through a .xsl to transform it and then pass it to another activemq topic. My only problem right now is I am not exactly sure how to actually go about posting an xml file to the queue in the first place for this whole process to start.

I thought about sending the whole thing in just a string but I wasn't sure if that would get picked up by the xsl file to transform it. If anyone has any tips or ways of sending xml files to an activemq queue or topic your help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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1) ActiveMQ comes with a web console, where you can send messages to a queue or topic. This console is by default available on


There is a WebConsole readme file in the ActiveMQ distribution that gives your further details.

2) You can also send a message from JConsole (eg JMX).

3) And alternative is to use a Camel route, that consume from a file directory and send to the topic. Then you can drop the file in the directory and let Camel pickup and send the file.

  <from uri="file:somedir/inbox"/>
  <to uri="activemq:topic:someTopicName"/>
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