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I would like to write a function to sort Scala imports.

I have already successfully found the beginning and the end of where the imports. Now I just need to do the actual sort.

function! SortScalaImport()
  call cursor(1, 1)
  let start = search('^import') "find first line with import
  let end = search('^\(import\|\n\)\@!') "find first non-import line
  let end = end - 1
  execute 'normal '.start.','.end.'sort'

The last line of the function should do it but does nothing. Where am I going wrong?

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Because Vim is a mode-based editor, you also need to consider the modes when scripting it.

:normal is for normal mode commands, i.e. the short stuff to navigate (j, w) or change (x, gUU) text. With :, you enter command-line mode, where Ex commands (like :substitute or your :sort) are executed. Normally, you can just put those as-is into your Vimscript function (e.g. %delete _), but as you want to put variables (in your case: line numbers) into it, you need to :execute it, with everything but the variables 'quoted'.

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I don't know why you add normal in your execute?

does this work for you?

execute start.','.end.' sort'
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