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I have a Struts2 application that has a few actions that take some time to load (because of heavy db calls). In order to display a wait page I'm using the execAndWait interceptor. The setup of the action looks like this:

<action name="showCustomerHolding" class="showCustomerHoldingAction">
<interceptor-ref name="defaultStack" />
<interceptor-ref name="execAndWait">
    <param name="delay">30000</param>
    <param name="delaySleepInterval">500</param>
    <param name="threadPriority">1</param>
<result name="success">/WEB-INF/jsp/customerHolding.jsp</result>

As a test I've put the initial delay to 30 seconds. In this scenario I would expect never to see my wait page. Instead the whole application now seems to freeze for 30 seconds. I've figured out that the reason this happens is that I'm trying to access the session object (provided in the action by implementing the sessionAware interface). To access the session I use the folowing code:

Locale locale = (Locale)session.get(I18nInterceptor.DEFAULT_SESSION_ATTRIBUTE);

As you can see the reason I need the sesssion is to check the current Locale. The whole app freezes on the line above until the inital delay time of execandWait interceptor has run out. I seems like the interceptor has locked the session somehow.

Has anyone else experienced this problem, or do you know a safer way of accessing the session? Would be really thankful for any help on this.

Thanks Fred

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Are you sure that your action execute time take less than 30 seconds? – Aleksandr M Feb 11 '13 at 12:32
Absolutely sure. The total process takes a few seconds plus the delay set in execAndWait. Eg. if I put delay to 60 seconds the whole process takes around 62 seconds. If I put it to 5 seconds, it takes about 7 seconds. – Fred Feb 11 '13 at 13:25
How do you check that? Do you another tab? With the same session? As mentioned in the JavaDoc, you can have just one execAndWait action per session - which means the whole session will be lock down. – Lukasz Lenart Feb 11 '13 at 14:51
Check what? I'm only running one session. The problem seems to be that I try to access the session in the execute method of my action. I've put log statements before and after the line where I access the session like this: logger.debug("BEFORE"); Locale locale = (Locale)session.get(I18nInterceptor.DEFAULT_SESSION_ATTRIBUTE); logger.debug."AFTER"); I don't see the AFTER in my log until the delay time has run out. – Fred Feb 11 '13 at 15:18

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