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In QML you can do the on click event. I am writing my qml in C++, however there is no onclick method.

How do you get the on click to work.

Button *btnSave = new Button();

Does anyone have a simple example that they could provide to get me started?

Thanks in advance.

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To do this in C++, you have to connect a signal (in this case, is the Button's clicked() to a slot of your class). You better take a look here.

Supposing you defined a slot called onSaveButtonClicked() in your header, that will be called when your button is clicked:

public slots:
    void onSaveButtonClicked();

in your application class, after create your button, you'd have to do:

connect(btnSave, SIGNAL(clicked()), this, SLOT(onSaveButtonClicked()));

When your button is clicked, it will emit the signal that will call the slot function.

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