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I am new to Play Framework. I am migrating a project from struts2 to Play that uses Hibernate for ORM. I have a singleton class called HibernateConfig that loads the hibernate configuration this is where I get the following error.

 In C:\Users\user\IdeaProjects\projectname\app\data\HibernateConfig.java at line 27. [HibernateException: /hibernate.cfg.xml not found] 
   private static SessionFactory sessionFactory;

  private HibernateConfig (){}

23  public static SessionFactory getSessionFactory ()
24  {

25      if (sessionFactory == null)
26      {

27          sessionFactory = new Configuration    ().configure().buildSessionFactory();
28          return sessionFactory;
29      }
30      else

 31         return sessionFactory;

This is how my project structure look like:

app -> controllers -> application controller class
app -> models -> model classes
app -> data -> HibernateConfig.java
app -> views -> html files
app -> hibernate.cfg.xml


Database configuration


I know that the problem is hibernate.cfg.xml is not being located when I called new Configuration ().configure().buildSessionFactory() but I don't know where it must be placed in Play to be accessed. (Could u guys also critic my approach and let me know if I'm going about this the wrong way)

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Add the hibernate.cfg.xml file to the root of the conf folder and that should solve the problem.

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