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Given a large JSON table in localStorage and a given key, how to access an associated value, and use it as a condition to CSS ? 

Given the following JSON:

var data = [ 
{ 'myKey': 'A', 'status': 0 },
{ 'myKey': 'B', 'status': 1 },
{ 'myKey': 'C', 'status': 1 },
{ 'myKey': 'D', 'status': 1 }

the following html to stylize:

<p id="A">AA</p>
<p id="B">BB</p>
<p id="C">CC</p>
<p id="D">DD</p>

and the following css :

.status1 { color: green; }
.status0 { color: red; }

It's one of the basic principle behind "click to favorite/ favorite list / favorite star".

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Working example on fiddle, JQuery

0. Trick for Apps!: JSON & localStorage

/* To store JSON in localStorage, you compress it as string */
    localStorage["results"] = JSON.stringify(data); // or lS.restults

/* Whenever you want to work on it, need to uncompress the JSON */
    var data = JSON.parse(localStorage["results"]);

1. Create the meta functions: getJsonVal()

//META.Fn: pullVal
function getJsonVal(json, itemId) {
    for (var i in json) {
        if (json[i].myKey == itemId) {
            return json[i]; 

2. Function checking the JSON value before to inject CSS class accordingly

//META.Fn: loadSwitch [check localStorage & set CSS
function loadSwitchCSS($set, i) {
    setTimeout(function () {
        var myID = $set.eq(i).attr('id'); // a. Get key [my case: from the html ID]
        alert("look at:"+ myID);
        var val = getJsonVal(data, myID).status;
        // alert(data);
        if (val == 1) { // c. CSS remove-add: so if...else... CSS
        } else {
        if (i < $set.length - 1) {
            loadSwitchCSS($set, i + 1);
    }, 100);

3. Fire the function on load:

loadSwitchCSS($('p'), 0);
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