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I have the following set of packages within my source folder. The packages are shapes,model,views.

Say I have a class file in my model folder that has the following piece of code:

  shapes.interfaceforshapes[][] temp = model.get2dshapearray();



Please note in the above code temp[x][y] will return a class that interfaces my shapeInterface and all classes within the shapes folder interface this.

Am I doing the correct thing to say "Is the class within my array of type cTriangle"?

I currently get the error:

shapes.cTriangle cannot be resolved to a variable

but I don't want to match a variable, I want to test it agaisnt the class cTriangle within my package shape.


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Use instanceOf operator if you want to check if the object is an instance of a certain class, while the isInstance method expects an instance of a class.

  if( temp[x][y] instanceOf shapes.cTriangle) {//dosomething }
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THanks just what i needed – LmC Feb 8 '13 at 18:36

That is not how isInstance(Object) works. You have to call it on a class and pass in the object you want to match. You would do:


assuming cTriangle is a class and temp[x][y] returns an object and you want to check if that object is of type cTriangle.

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I like this hence the upvote but the simpleness of the mark correct one is easier and more understand able – LmC Feb 8 '13 at 18:37

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