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I need help on this--tried all day yesterday to get it to work to no avail. I need to write a query that will show the available balance of certain accounts if 5% were added.

Update account
 set avail_balance = avail_balance*1.05
 where product_cd = 'CD';
Select avail_balance, product_cd
from account;

I got the available balances, but it displayed it for all accounts, not just those with the product_cd of 'CD.

Thanks for the assistance.

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You mean "Select avail_balance, product_cd from account where product_cd = 'CD';"? – Strawberry Feb 8 '13 at 16:16
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When you do an "UPDATE", you are actaully UPDATING the balance... To get a result IF 5% WAS ADDED, you should only have to

select a.AccountNumber,
      a.Avail_Balance * 1.05 as AvailPlus5Percent
      Account a
      a.Product_CD = 'CD';
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SELECT CONVERT(DECIMAL(10,2),a.Avail_Balance) * 1.05 as ConvertedValue FROM Account WHERE Product_CD = 'CD'

You dont have to convert it to decimal. Howeverm you question is a bit unclear. Do you want to select or update?

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