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I am using the following formula:

then "" 

I am having difficulty displaying the formula with the numbers as whole numbers. I keep getting decimals with two places. I can make it appear as round numbers using File, Options, Fields, Number... but when I upload it to our Crystal Server, the two decimal places show again.

So, I am under the impression that I need to round within the formula.

USEDPERDAY and CURFY_DAYSREMAINING are fields with decimal values. CURFY is a whole number.

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You need to convert the numbers to strings:

if {USAGE.CURFY} = 0 then "" 
else totext({USAGE.CURFY},0) 

The second parameter to totext() specifies the number of decimals.

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Thank you. I think I was thrown off because I had the parenthesis for the multiplication portion which made me unsure if I could use ToText function on it. – sunk818 Feb 8 '13 at 16:28

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