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I'm trying to get a HTML Gui on my simple SL4A Python app. the only thing I need to perform is ask the user for 1 input string at the start of my app.

For debugging purposes I started of simple. Unfortunately even this won't function. Any idea's what's wrong here? (I've tried several pieces of code like this and all have the same issue)

Python code:

import android

loop = True
droid = android.Android()

while loop:
    res = droid.waitForEvent('data')
    if res:
        print str(res)

HTML code

   var droid = new Android();
   var fiets = function() {
        droid.postEvent("data", document.getElementById("gsm").value);
 <body onload:"fiets()">
  <form onsubmit="fiets(); return false;">
   <label for="say">What would you like to say?</label>
   <input type="text" id="gsm" value="99999999" />
   <input type="submit" value="Store" />

the error message is repeatedly (the number 3114 is incremental):

Result(id=3114, result=None, error=u'java.lang.NullPointerException')



As we go I read waitForEvent is deprecated in r4. I should use eventWaitFor instead. This takes the error away but doesn't make the example function. Python script prints nothing.


droid.postEvent should become droid.eventPost

droid.waitForEvent('data') should become droid.waitForEvent('data')

In javascript and python.

Problem Solved

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