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While developing using Javascript, as a practice we upload minified JS on the server and thus I want to keep only minified JS in my Master Branch while I make changes on my local (private) branch. Is there a simple way to merge only the minified JS from local branch to the Master?

Cherry Pick commits wont work as I do not wish to merge all the files from my private commit. This method suggests picking up specific files from one branch to commit in other, I was wondering if there is a setting/alternate way to automate this i.e. merge only takes minified js files (*.min.js)?

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Why is it a problem that you have both the unminified or minified code in master? It sounds like you're looking to complicate things for little benefit. (Avoiding having a bunch of tiny unused files on the server.) – millimoose Feb 8 '13 at 16:48
Also, there are better solutions for this elsewhere than in source control. You could minify the JS on-demand in your application code, or using a tool (say, grunt) that's run during deployment. – millimoose Feb 8 '13 at 16:49
@millimoose because master branch is shared with clients to whom I do not want to expose the unminified code – Ani Feb 9 '13 at 11:36
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It sounds like you have a remote repo in your document root that you're pushing to and using that as a deployment mechanism to your live site. Having a git repo in a document root, I would say, isn't a great way to deploy. (Anyone could clone your entire repo, including your entire commit history and potentially embarrassing un-released code.) Maybe you have it set up differently, but I'll go with this assumption based on what you wrote.

If, instead, you use a post-receive hook to extract master to your document root, but let your git repo live somewhere else, you can then store your minified and non-minified JS source without fear.

Move your git repo out of your document root on your staging server.

In .git/hooks/post-receive on your staging web server:

GIT_WORK_TREE=/path/to/your/docroot git archive master --format tar | tar -x "*.min.js"

This will cause git to export a clean copy of the master branch to the directory of your choosing. It will do this by piping through tar, which you can use to filter exactly which files you want going out there and which you do not. post-receive is a shell script, so you can really go wild here, adding subsequent lines to do any housekeeping you'd like after a deployment.

So, the above is what I'd recommend you do. If you still want to go ahead and keep only a subset of files in your master branch, you can employ the method you linked to in a shell script.

Assuming your local branch name is local, and everything you want to 'deploy' to master is already committed, make a (and add it to .gitignore if you want):

git checkout master
git diff-tree --name-only -r local | grep ".min.js$" > temp_file_list.txt
git checkout local `sed 'N;s/\n/ /' temp_file_list.txt`
git commit -m "Selective 'merge' of minified js from my local branch"

Then you just run whenever you want to update master with changed .min.js files. If you are using Windows and keep your local files in DOS format, you should put \r\n instead of just \n in the sed command above--and have the bash-based command line git tools installed.

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No is not about using remote repo being used as a live site. My requirement is more about sharing only certain files while keeping the rest as private in my local repos. I think your second method might work. Will try that out on Monday and get back, thanks! – Ani Feb 9 '13 at 12:38

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