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I have some 3rd party dlls checked into TFS
Our machines were renamed and now TFS believes they are checked out for edit by me on another machine.

I tried tf lock /lock:none contrib64/* /workspace:oldmachine;myusername but I get the error

TF10152: The item $/XXX/YYYY/contrib64/third_party.dll must remain locked because its file type prevents multiple check-outs.

1, Is there any way around this ?
2, Is TFS really this bad or is it just me ?
3, Is the purpose of TFS to make us nostalgic for VSS?

ps It's a hosted version so I can't just get the admin to fix it.

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Undoing the lock won't work on those files because they are binary, as binaries cannot be merged they must be locked if they are checked out.

As the machine the workspace resides on no longer exists (the machine has been renamed) the best thing to do is delete the workspace.

from a Visual Studio command prompt

tf workspace /delete oldmachine;myusername /collection:http://*tfsserver*:8080/tfs/*collection*

This will remove the workspace and undo all pending changes

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I found the "delete the workspace" suggestion, but our hosted TFS implied that the entire company was "a workspace" - at least that's what it calls our entire collection. Is each machine+user a workspace? – Martin Beckett Feb 8 '13 at 18:07
ps thanks, the binary checkout/merge reason actually makes sense! – Martin Beckett Feb 8 '13 at 18:08
Each user can have many workspaces on many machines. A workspace is the mapping between a folder in source control and a folder on your local hard drive. Technically I suppose a collection can be thought of as a "workspace" as a general term, but in TFS workspace has a specific meaning. by default when you create a workspace its name is machineName;username, a second workspace on the same machine would be machineName_1;username you can rename the first part of the workspace name. Delete the old workspace and you'll be good to go – James Reed Feb 8 '13 at 18:17
thank you very much. Any idea on the other questions - Is TFS really so much less friendly than Git or do I just need to learn more? – Martin Beckett Feb 8 '13 at 19:41
That's quite subjective :-) I haven't used git that much so I can't really comment. TFS does take some getting used to and is very much a CVCS. A better comparison is SVN which I would say TFS is on par with (as of TFS 2012) from a source control point of view. Of course TFS does a lot more than version control. Whilst TFS has its flaws and annoyances, I would assert that it is 1 beeeeeeeelion times better than VSS – James Reed Feb 8 '13 at 23:15

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