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I enabled the my-location layer of the Google Maps Android API v2, which adds the floating button to go to the user's current location. I need a way to detect a click on this button. Is this possible?

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No, currently there is no way to get that information. There is a feature request raised for that and it is already Acknowledged by Google.

Star it if you want a quicker fix:



Disable the built-in control and create your own View and add it to the screen. Set an onClickListener to this button and animate the map to the map's location.

Disable the default control:


Get my location from the map:

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The latest release of Google Maps android api V2 in August contains a listener method for clicks of my location button : onMyLocationButtonClick () This can be used to know when the user has clicked the button and returns true if the listener has consumed the event

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This is good to know as I was also wondering about this. Now, is there a way to know whether or not Google's location service is enabled so we can decide whether or not we want to enable the button or not? No sense having a button that doesn't do anything so the workaround (disabling that button always) seems to be the only option for now.

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