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<!--a lot of HTML before-->
<div class="quoteheader">
  <div class="topslice_quote"><a href="htsomelink">Some text</a></div>
<blockquote class="bbc_standard_quote">Some text<br />
<div class="quotefooter">
  <div class="botslice_quote"></div>
<br />
<!--a lot of HTML after-->

I NEED TO: remove everything between div.quoteheader and first <br/> after, so result should looks like:

<!--a lot of HTML before-->
<!--a lot of HTML after-->


$message = preg_replace('/<div\sclass=\"quoteheader\">[^<]+<\/div>/i', '', $string)
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That would be everything between div.quoteheader and the second <br /> –  Explosion Pills Feb 8 '13 at 17:50

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I would recommend creating a DomDocument object with the HTML and then using RemoveChild.

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You would be much better served used an XML/HTML/DOM parser than regex. SimpleXML is pretty simple.

You would just load up the HTML w/ SimpleXML or some other HTML/XML parser, then use xpath to find the nodes and/or comments you're looking for, then remove them.

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substr & strpos and strip_tags would be enough –  el Dude Feb 8 '13 at 17:46
preg_replace('/(\<div\ class="quoteheader"\>)(.+)(<br \/>)/si', '', $string)
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An alternative... if you can delimit the code with comments, like this:

<div> .. </div>

you can remove everything between that:

$newstr = preg_replace('/<!--code-->.*?<!--\/code-->/is', '', $htmlstring);
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