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I'm developing an MVC4 aplication using VS2012 and EF5 for the database access.

I'm using the database first aproach, so I make the changes on the database and then on my .EDMX file I use the option "Update Model from database".

When I do this, the model.edmx updates correctly but all the models (that are under file) are regenerated, and not only the model related to the table that was indeed modified.

The problem with this is that all the validations are described on the models using data anotations, and everytime I update one table and use the "Update model from database" the models are generated again and all the validation is lost.

Is there a way to tell EF5 to only update one model? Or just the models that were modified? When refreshing, I tried to select only one table, but it also generated all the models.



EDIT: This is a similar question to Entity Framework - Regenerating CSDL When Updating the Model from Database but that doesn't have any answers too...

EDIT2: Similar to this question but not quite the same problem ef5 database first data annotation

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Some terminology: there is one "model", the edmx file. It contains many "classes". You're not supposed to edit generated code, so it should not matter that all classes get regenerated. Look here for a possible soultion. – Gert Arnold Feb 8 '13 at 23:42
That was very helpfull. Thanks! – Tinti Feb 13 '13 at 18:47

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