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Is there a way to get all of the code that will be executed when DOMContentLoaded is fired, or jQuery's $(document).ready() function.

I am trying to optimize my site and through a speed test, I found that 2 seconds of the page's load time is spent handling the events when DOMContentLoaded is fired.

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can you just do a text search for all .ready() functions and look ? –  user1637281 Feb 8 '13 at 18:19

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I would highly recommend the Chrome profiler for this task:


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Try this:


Based on John Resig's post here: http://forum.jquery.com/topic/list-event-listeners

Also, check out the listHandlers plugin.

If all else fails, you could temporarily edit the core jQuery file:

ready: function( fn ) {    
    //create a wrapper function so we can step into the debugger
    var fn2 = function() {
        var args = [].slice.call(arguments);
        debugger; // <-- start debugging each handler as it fires
        return fn.apply(this, args);

    // Attach the listeners

    // Add the callback
    readyList.add( fn2 );

    return this;    
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According to the Network Panel info in the Chrome Developer Tools documentation,DomContentLoadedhas fired off once the blue line appears. FWIW, load has fired off once the red line appears.

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