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Similar to the Delphi FOSS component question, a commercial component directory will also be a valuable searchable resource. I invite you to contribute your expierience with your favourite commercial components and also share with us your experiences with commercial components that doesn't make the grade as well. Then there is the question of price/performance or better price/features. Often commercial component pricing is sky high - indicate where you think it is good value or expensive.

If you can, please distinguish Delphi Win32 vs Delphi.NET components - and mention those that have support for D2009

Please don't forget your links!

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You might want to distinguish Delphi Win32 vs Delphi.NET components - and mention those that have support for D2009 –  Roddy Sep 29 '08 at 8:36
I think you can assume that all packages are available Win32. I for one, don't program Delphi.NET (not yet anyway), and wouldn't be able to tell you if the components I use have a .NET version without checking their websites. –  lkessler Nov 7 '08 at 14:59

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I get a lot done with the full DeveloperExpress suite http://www.devexpress.com/Products/VCL/ and the Direct Oracle Access components http://www.allroundautomations.nl/doa.html.

The only drawback to the DevloperExpress components is that there is not a one to one mapping between the Delphi components and the .NET components. It makes it harder to port applications.

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MadExcept from madshi.net is a terribly useful exception call stack / system state reporter that's been invaluable to me for tracking down errors in the field or while developing. It also has a useful library of other units (madcrypt, madzip) that work well.

Ofttimes it's enough just to get the call stack to figure out what went wrong.

There is a beta build that supports Delphi 2009 on the downloadable partner ISO.

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Raize Components is a good component package full of useful controls and Raize CodeSite is a good logger. TMS Software also have some nice components.

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Raize Components now supports Delphi 2009 also! Only supports the native compilers (no .net version) –  skamradt Oct 1 '08 at 19:44
I love how Raize Components has all the popup menu's for each control. It always amazes people when they see me make a complete and good looking form in a matter of minutes. It would be great to have the Raize way of doing things as the default for all VCL components.. –  Wouter van Nifterick Dec 26 '08 at 3:19


is a complete bug resolution tool for Delphi and C++Builder developers that gives your application the power to catch every exception and memory leak, directly on the end user PC, generating a detailed log of the call stack (with file, class, method and line number), optionally sending you a copy of each log entry via email or the Web.

Is is able to send the bugreport file directly to Mantis/FogBugz or BugZilla.

See it here: link text

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Eurekalog is particularly good - Its automatic bug reporting features have saved me many hours of debugging. –  private Oct 2 '08 at 13:29
I love Eureka Log. –  Mick Feb 24 '09 at 4:05
If you have Delphi IDE being opened, when you double click a call stack item in Eurekalog's exception dialog, the line corresponding to the stack will be located in the code editor. Very helpful and handy. –  Edwin Yip Sep 29 '12 at 13:26

ReportBuilder, from Digital-Metaphors, is awesome.

It's not cheap, and many people might question why you would buy a tool like this when Delphi comes with some kind of reporting solution in the box. The point is that this is a seriously well thought-out tool with lots of industry support. It's extremely powerful and as with anything like this, once you get to grips with it you can be very productive with it. I can add a lot of value to my applications with just a day or two of 'report builder' time in the project, and the results are of a really high quality, so your clients feel like they're getting a lot of bang for their end-user 'buck'. Linking reports together, PDF and email support, end-user design/layout tools, archiving... and pretty good technical support too. :-)

If it sounds like I'm a fan, well I am. But I'm not a shill for them - I pay for my RB personally, and it isn't cheap!

And a +1 for the DevExpress suite too, which in my opinion offers some really good controls and is good value for money.

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I just wished they would come out with that .NET version thay have been talking about for what seems like four years. –  Tony BenBrahim Sep 29 '08 at 8:21

LMD Innovative have a good range, well supported and with C++Builder compatibility. Their IDE-Tools pack is particularly powerful.

RemObjects have some impressive stuff as well, including the RO SDK remoting framework.

A couple of other smaller components/addons that have proved very useful for me are the MadExcept exception-handling tool, and Axolot's XLSReadWrite2 which allows you to read/write Excel spreadheets without requiring Excel to be installed. Don't expect amazing support on these, as they are single-developer outfits, as far as I know.

The only bad experience I've had with commercial Delphi components was the Shell Plus shell extension components. The product was usable for the first application I needed it for, but support/enhancements/etc were effectively non-existent, and I don't plan to try and use it again.

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Ooh, +1 for MadExcept. Damn useful that - it's so ubiquitous in our stuff now that I tend to forget it's a component - it feels like it's part of "proper" Delphi. :-) –  robsoft Sep 29 '08 at 8:59

In addition to the DevExpress components and ReportBuilder already mentioned, there is also the TMS Components. http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/

Madexcept also comes into the essential category for exception handling. http://www.madshi.net/

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TeeChart - no D2009 yet.

TeeChart Pro provides complete, quick and easy to use charting for Business, Real-Time, Financial and Scientific applications.


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This is a fantastic set of tools for charting. The property structure is not entirely intuitive, but the flexibility, runtime tools, and exports (to SVG, etc) really make my users happy. Pro version with source is definitely worth it. –  Argalatyr Nov 8 '08 at 19:49

I use FastReports for a lot of my reports. In the Delphi world, its big competitor is ReportBuilder, but it seems more like its competitor in the larger world Crystal. I used to work in a VB shop where Crystal was the standard way of producing reports. With FastReports I get many features I would have loved to have had in Crystal, from integrated event handling and user defined functions to faster execution and lighter impact on computer resources. FastReports also has an excellent and active forum.

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I've been using TRichView, a suite of native Delphi/C++Builder components for displaying and printing hypertext documents almost since its beginnings 10 years ago. It can be used to be the WYSIWYG rich text editor of your application.

Sergey Tkachenko has been actively maintaining and upgrading it, and it has a large user community. It has always had Unicode capabilities and a new D2009 version is in beta, available now to registered users.

alt text

I also use ElPack, a Unicode suite of native components, originally sold by Eldos, but now taken over by LMD. They still are maintaining that package and have a D2009 version available.

In particular, the package contains ElTree, a tree component as feature-rich as Virtual TreeView that may have a capability you need that VT doesn't. I've been using ElTree since before I heard about VT and so far have found no compelling reason to switch.

alt text

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Lists of components that are compatible with Delphi 2009 can be found in the (updated automatically) Developer Network article at: http://dn.codegear.com/article/38459

You can also use the CodeGear Technology Partner directory search web app at: http://video.codegear.com/ctp/partnercentral.exe/default

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For database Applications Devart (formerly crlab)components are the best, http://www.devart.com

They have Direct access components for most major databases, and you can connect to DB without requiring the DB client library to be installed on client machine, this is very important feature for database like oracle which has a huge client installation (around 200MB).

NextGrid from Bergsoft, they have nice looking, fast and light Grid, http://www.bergsoft.net

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SvCom by Aldyn Software. Delphi 2009 support is not out there (author is not very fast in releasing new versions).

Svcom will help you write and debug Windows services. I'm using it a lot.

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Known to go 'radio silent' for many months at a time... don't expect service from Aldyn's forums –  Darian Miller Apr 21 '11 at 20:53
  1. SecureBlackBox make some great
    components for SSL, SFTP, PKey and
    such that come with full source code.
  2. Addin-Express for writing Office Plugins.
  3. Gnostice with excellent eDocEngine for making electronic documents.
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Have a look at Hans Lohningers SDL Suite of science and engineering-related components here. There are some cool charting components there.

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XLSReadWrite II gives you fast and full access to xls and xlsx files without Excel. I use it all the time for reports and export/import data.


No D2009 version available yet.

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IMO the Products of RemObjects are very cool and professional. Especially the Multi-Tier Framework DataAbstract.

I also like the InstantObjects OPF.

In our Company we use FastReport, DeveloperExpress, Indy, JCL, JVCL and some other Components.

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Commercial components I'm using:

TMS Component Pack (previously mentioned) for TWebUpdate (auto-update a program)

VideoLab/AudioLab (www.mitov.com) for audio and video playback

SmartFlash (www.almdev.com) for embedding Flash files in a program

TVideoGrabber (www.datastead.com) for video playback, video streaming and TV tuning

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In addition to the excellent recommendations already made, I'd add AppControls to the list. They make a number of handy little "off the beaten path" controls that are useful for application fit-and-finish work: http://www.appcontrols.com/

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