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I have been working on an app for the Leap Motion, in Python, and when I tested it, it worked fine when I clicked Launch App. No app windows open, but the Python code all works fine.

However, when I package the app and launch that, it does show an app window and the Python isn't working at all... Am I missing something?

Here's the code of my index.html:

        <script type="text/python">
            import Leap
            import Mouse
            import LeapFunctions
            import time
            import sys

            def main():
                cursor = Mouse.cursor()
                listener = LeapFunctions.Listener(cursor)

                controller = Leap.Controller()
                print "Adding Listener."
                controller.add_listener(listener)#Attach the listener

                print "Press Enter to quit..."

    <body style="background-color:#1c1c1c;margin:0">
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Include has been removed from 1.3.1 beta version


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Oh poo... Thanks anyway, very helpful! –  Dennis Janssen May 21 '13 at 18:49

Try including your Python modules in the following manner:

<script type="text/python" src="PyLeapMouse.py" />
<script type="text/python" src="Geometry.py" />
<script type="text/python" src="Leap.py" />
<script type="text/python" src="LeapFunctions.py" />
<script type="text/python" src="Mouse.py" />

I know the global namespace changed from Titanium to Ti also, so if that doesn't work, you might want to try Ti.include versus Titanium.include.

Hope that works.

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Neither of those worked, I'm afraid. I did discover that when I removed the Python import lines, it worked the same way after launching as it did after packaging: just showing a black screen but not working. Guess when you 'launch' an app, it handles the Python differently than after packaging it. –  Dennis Janssen Feb 9 '13 at 12:23

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