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I'm writing a grunt task and I want to install a dependency programmatically. However, I can't seem to figure out how to use their API.

This works just fine, but parsing the response is brittle because it uses the CLI:

  cmd: 'bower',
  args: ['install', '--save', 'git@github.com:foo/bar.git']
}, function(none, message) {

This does not work:

bower.commands.install.line(['--save', 'git@github.com:foo/bar.git'])
    .on('end', function(data) {
    .on('err', function(err) {

I get the following error:

$ grunt my-task
Running "my-task:default_options" (my-task) task
Fatal error: Could not find any dependencies

What is the right way to do this?

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The line() function expects the whole argv, so should be:

bower.commands.install.line(['node', 'bower', '--save', 'git@github.com:foo/bar.git']);

However, you should rather just pass paths and options to the install() method directly:

bower.commands.install(['git@github.com:foo/bar.git'], {save: true});

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