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I have 2 tables:



Now is foreign key to scale.s1, scale.s2, scale.s3 etc I want to get scale.s1-s6 value from step. I have written this query with nested selects. Is it possible to get this values with one select?

    SELECT step.val FROM step, scale WHERE = scale.s1 AND = 1) as v1,(
    SELECT step.val FROM step,scale WHERE = scale.s2 AND = 1) as v2, (
    SELECT step.val FROM step,scale WHERE = scale.s3 AND = 1) as v3, (
    SELECT step.val FROM step,scale WHERE = scale.s4 AND = 1) as v4, (
    SELECT step.val FROM step,scale WHERE = scale.s5 AND = 1) as v5, (
    SELECT step.val FROM step,scale WHERE = scale.s4 AND = 1) as v6, (
    SELECT step.val FROM step,scale WHERE = scale.s5 AND = 1) as v7 ;
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Just join STEP six times. – C. Ramseyer Feb 8 '13 at 20:22
I'd consider designing the tables differently. Step{StepId, value}, Scale{ScaleId}, ScaleStep{ScaleId, StepId} so you can just do a simple join. – user1914530 Feb 8 '13 at 20:48
Could you give me the syntax for Join Step six times please @C.Ramseyer cause I'm having trouble getting it...thnx – Stathis G. Feb 8 '13 at 23:19
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Just join step multiple times. Here's the first three:

select, s1.val as v1, s2.val as v2, s3.val as v3
from scale s
join step s1 on s.s1 =
join step s2 on s.s2 =
join step s3 on s.s3 =
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You can do it using a single query with MAX and CASE:

  MAX(CASE WHEN scale.s1 = THEN step.val END) v1,
  MAX(CASE WHEN scale.s2 = THEN step.val END) v2,
  MAX(CASE WHEN scale.s3 = THEN step.val END) v3,
  MAX(CASE WHEN scale.s4 = THEN step.val END) v4,
  MAX(CASE WHEN scale.s5 = THEN step.val END) v5,
  MAX(CASE WHEN scale.s6 = THEN step.val END) v6
FROM step, scale

And here is the Fiddle.

Good luck.

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