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I'm trying to download dividend/split information on yahoo. The historical info can be downloaded via a csv file, however it does not include either the dividend or stock split information. I currently use wget, but a curl solution would be good.

The command I'm currently using is similar to:

wget -nc -q http: //finance.yahoo.com /q/hp?s=DRE&a=10&b=5&c=1987&d=01&e=8&f=2013&g=v&z=66&y=0

where DRE is the stock symbol in this example. This returns the first page with the information I want. However, attempts to retrieve the next, and subsequent pages fail:

wget -nc -q http: //finance.yahoo.com /q/hp?s=DRE&a=10&b=5&c=1987&d=01&e=8&f=2013&g=v&z=66&y=66

where y is, I believe, the starting point of the historical data for the requested page, and has possible values of 66,132,198, etc. Also, and this seems strange to me, while the first command works in my script, it does not work when run from the command line, instead it returns this page: http://finance.yahoo.com/q/hp?s=DRE+Historical+Prices

curl exhibits the same behavior in regards to the command line. I've also tried adding user-agent parameters, but neither seem to have any effect, at least from the command line.

Software versions are wget-1.13.4 and curl-7.28.0

in the above examples I had to insert spaces to get this site to allow me to post the question

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Try enclosing the URL in double-quotes that usually solve this sort of problem. – vbaranov Feb 22 '13 at 17:11
For historical dividends from Yahoo, you might want to try their YQL/REST service. For DRE Dividends, see this link – Jason Sep 4 '14 at 8:39

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