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I have hundreds of files in swf format (it's an ebook), I want to batch covert them into pdf (to read them on my iPad).

I tried few like eConverter (didn't work get error with swfdec), also this may not do the batch coversion.

swftool, worked well, but very poor quality. I can't read the letters.

SWF Printer Pro again poor quality

ffmpeg gave error "Compressed SWF format not supported"

It'll be great if you guys help me out to find a solution. thanks

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If you just want to read them on iPad, you can do:

  1. Create an ORB book in Finder.

Package all of your swf files to one .orb file. (one swf per page)

  1. Download ORB Viewer for iPad (Lite is free with Ads and only open the first .orb file).

Use it to read the .orb file on iPad.

If you really need to convert them to PDF, you can purchase ORB Reader for Mac.

It'll read .orb on Mac and also convert to PDF.

PS. I am the author of these apps mentioned above.

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