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Using sql server 2008, I need a query to display the following results

 User_Name        Group_Name          Checked
 user1              Lead                 0
 user1              Admin                1
 user1              Supervisor           0
 user1              Monitor              0
 user2              Lead                 0
 user2              Admin                0
 user2              Supervisor           1
 user2              Monitor              1

I have 4 groups (Lead, Admin, Supervisor, monitor) and the linking table is User Group. How do I get all groups displayed for each user (like above)? if group is checked for a user it appears in the User Group, not in the table if unchecked.

The tables:


User_ID int
User_Name nvarchar
Email nvarchar


Group_ID int
Group_Name nvarchar

User Group:

User_ID int, 
Group_ID int
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try this:

select User.User_Name, Group.Group_Name,
 case when UserGroup.User_ID is null then 0 else 1 end as Checked
from User cross join Group
 left join UserGroup on User.User_ID = UserGroup.User_ID
   and Group.Group_ID = UserGroup.Group_ID
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Thats prefect! thank you! –  Chaka Feb 8 '13 at 21:12
you are welcome, please mark your answers as accepted –  Noxthron Feb 8 '13 at 21:17

In SQL Server 2005+ you can use the APPLY operator which will assign every group value to each user, then you can join on the usergroup table:

select u.user_name,
  case when ug.user_id is not null then 1 else 0 end Checked
from [user] u
cross apply [group] g
left join usergroup ug
  on u.user_id = ug.user_id
  and g.group_id = ug.group_id

See SQL Fiddle with Demo

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