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Why this works:

PC<-read.csv('./public-transportation/san-francisco/passenger-count.csv', header=TRUE)

But the following doesn't work in R:

inputFile <-paste('./public-transportation/',
PC<-read.csv(inputFile, header=TRUE)

All I am doing is passing a variable that holds the filename? Sorry, I am relatively new to R. This is kinda baffling me a bit. Any help is appreciated..

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This doesn't work because the default separator in paste is a space. So you need to set sep="", use paste0, or use file.path.

# paste with sep=""
inputFile <- paste('./public-transportation/',
  'san-francisco/passenger-count.csv', sep="")
# paste0
inputFile <- paste0('./public-transportation/',
# file.path
inputFile <- file.path('./public-transportation/',
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Awesome!! thank you very much for the clear explanation. May your day be productive and fruitful!! :) –  oostopitre Feb 8 '13 at 21:08
@oostopitre: Good to know that your question was answered. If you could tick it as "answered" then that would be appreciated by all. –  Simon Feb 10 '13 at 8:49
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