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I've read that I can change the visibility of a Google Fusion Table from private to unlisted or public using the Google Drive API v2. I've tried setting the "shared" property to true to no avail (the result is a 200-OK but no change to "shared"), and the permissions look the same to me on a private and an unlisted table. Thanks.

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Use the drive.permissions.insert method of the Drive API. You will add a permission to make the fusion table public. For more information, please read the Drive SDK sharing guide.

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Thanks Ali. That worked perfectly. For others with this requirement, I made a REST POST call to permissions with four parameters in the body of the call: "role": "reader", "type": "anyone", "value": "me", and "withLink": true. This, interestingly, did not make a change to the file's (i.e. the Fusion Table's) userPermission, but did change the file's value of "shared" from false to true, changing the Fusion Table's visibility from Private to Unlisted. –  user2055849 Feb 11 '13 at 17:02

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