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I have two legacy SQL tables:

  Id(uniqueidentifier, not null)

  GlobalId(nvarchar(50, null)
  EntityName(nvarchar(100, null)

The Foo.GlobalId column stores the ID from other tables in the DB, so to get at relevant data, we'd join tables like this:

select * from Foo
  inner join Contact on Foo.EnitityName = 'contact'
    and cast(Foo.Globalid as unqiqueidentifier) = Contact.Id

How do I express this relationship or cast the nvarchar to uniqueidentifier (or vice versa) using FluentAPI, or failing that, how can I perform the SQL cast() using LINQ?

public class Contact
  public Guid Id {get;set;}
  public virtual ICollection<Foo> Foos {get;set;}

public class ContactMap : EntityTypeConfiguration<Contact>
  HasKey(t => t.Id);
  HasMany(c => c.Foos)
    .WithOptional(foo => foo.Contact)
    /* ??? */;

public class Foo
  public string GlobalId {get;set;}
  public Contact Contact {get;set}

public class FooMap : EntityTypeConfiguration<Foo>
  Property(t => t.PsmsGlobalId).HasMaxLength(50);
  Property(t => t.PsmsEntityName).HasMaxLength(100);
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Entity Framework currently does not support SQL type casts. Creating a SQL view which performed the cast worked well for me.

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