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I'm having a hard time getting this menu to work properly.

function writeMenu(){ echo "<div id=\"menu\">" <ul id=\"top-link\">"; m("top", "n"); echo "</ul></div>"; (sorry, it wouldn't format properly)

    function m($parent,$issub){
      $parentQ = "select * from cdi_menu";//gets menu items from menu table
      $parentResult = mysql_query($parentQ); //runs menu item query and obtains result
      while ($link = mysql_fetch_assoc($parentResult)) {//for each line in the result do the folowing:
        if($parent==$link['PARENT']){//if the next link belongs to this menu item
          echo "\n    <li><a href=\"".$link['LINK']."\">".$link['DISPLAY']."</a></li>";
          if($issub=="n" && $link['HASCHILD']=="y"){//if this menu item is a top menu item
            echo "\n  <li id=\"sub-link\"><ul>";
            m($link['ID'], $links, "y");
            echo "\n  </ul></li>";

    echo writeMenu();

What I'm trying to do is make it where I can hide the 'sub-link' IDs (I would use classes, but javascript doesn't seem to edit class styles, just IDs). The sub-link items would show when over a parent item.

top refers to the top elements, and ID refers to the unique id in database.

Thanks, sorry if it's confusing.

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Don't use mysql_*. Look into PDO, and MySQLi. Also, use a JavaScript library like jQuery. You can select classes that way. – Unexpected Pair of Colons Feb 8 '13 at 22:16
Also, what's the structure of your database table? Without knowing the columns and their values, it's hard to help with this. – Unexpected Pair of Colons Feb 8 '13 at 22:18
ID, PARENT, LINK, DISPLAY, HASCHILD is the structure. I'll look into those 2. – kcdwayne Feb 8 '13 at 22:24
So, if it's a parent link, what is the value of the field? The same with haschild? – Unexpected Pair of Colons Feb 8 '13 at 22:27
The last programmer made the main links under PARENT as top and if it is top and HASCHILD is y, it should show the links tied to it by the ID field. So if Imaging is ID 6, PARENT top, and HASCHILD y, the ID 7, 8, 9 have the value of PARENT 6. – kcdwayne Feb 8 '13 at 22:36
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Your function has only 2 parameters but You call it with 3 inside

m($link['ID'], $links, "y");

$links is unnecessary.

It would be better if You modify query to look like this

$parentQ = "select * from cdi_menu WHERE parent='$parent'";

so You don't need first if statement and You will not fetching all rows multiple times for each menu/submenu.

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I took it out and changed the $parentQ. What it's doing is putting out the top 3 links, then on mouseover, I have it showing/hiding the sub-links. It currently just shows the set from the 1st top-link – kcdwayne Feb 8 '13 at 22:44
It means this if($issub=="n" && $link['HASCHILD']=="y") statement fails. 1st condition is obviously true so double-check value of haschild in database. – Gustek Feb 8 '13 at 23:02

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