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How do I apply the width of the div to the ul, when the width of the div is unknown.


            Some other text

the ul should be 89% smaller in width than the div.

Any suggestions?

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If the <ul> is outside the <div> then it has no concept of the <div>s width. You could do it with javascript if you wanted to.

jQuery approach (who knows if this is what you actually want, but your question is... vague)

$('ul').css('width', $('div').width() * 0.89); 
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I guess that you can change the $('ul) with a class instead, like $('.classname') – Michael Tot Korsgaard Feb 9 '13 at 0:41
You guess correctly. – idrumgood Feb 9 '13 at 0:55

With jQuery :

var width = $('div').width() * 0.89;


See fiddle

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$("ul").width(parseInt($("div").width()) * 0.89);
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Using jQuery:

var ulWidth = parseInt($("div").width() * .89);

I split the JS into 2 lines for readability, but you can do this with just one line:

$("ul").width(parseInt($("div").width() * .89));

See DEMO with alert for demonstration purposes.

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