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My web-app has a share on facebook link which opens a frame in the current page. I need to activate this frame during some automated tests (webdriver, python). This is the html at the start of the frame:

<div class="fb_dialog_content fb_dialog_iframe">
<iframe id="f1c1b40a973212a" class="FB_UI_Dialog" scrolling="no" name="f54b1bf38c5fe6" />

I cannot select this frame by name because that's different for each call. I could not find a frame selection method by class or by xpath with webdriver python.

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Try to select the frame using the frame index value. Then too you not succeed use this link to how to use the JavaScript in the selenium. According to python API doc it is possible to switch to the child frames using Dot operator. Reference from Python API doc.

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I tried the index approach, did not work. Frame was selected but element could not be found. I'm thinking now that it is probably a cross-domain permission problem. – gpkamp Feb 11 '13 at 16:51

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