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Basically I'm looking for something exactly like BringIntoViewOnFocusChange for SL4, I need whichever control has focus to automatically move into view of the ViewPort of a ScrollViewer whether it be Vertical or Horizontal scrolling enabled or both. So if say there's large view, with controls out of view, as a user tabs along it places whatever control that takes focus into view for smooth scrolling without having to do it manually.

I've done this with behaviors and setting VerticalOffset and attaching it to each individual object, but there has to be a better way and this has to have come up for folks often (except I couldnt find anything specific searching) so I'd really rather not re-invent the wheel here if I can. So please, share some enlightenment?

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I ended up going this route that happened to be what I was looking for and works splendid. Thanks to all who looked.


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You may find this of interest: Silverlight BringIntoView() extension method (with OnGotFocus behavior)

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This does basically what I already have with VerticalOffset, I'll need to figure out how to work in Horizontal consideration as well. Basically I was trying to avoid spending to much time on this one to focus on other things hence the bounty, but this just puts me back where I started. Thank you though. – Chris W. Feb 11 '13 at 15:26

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