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We have a PHP site:


We want all subpaths from the root to require basic authentication. e.g.

site.com - no authentication required

site.com/subpath requires authentication

We have this directive:

<LocationMatch "^/.+$">

  AuthName "members Only"
  AuthType Basic
  AuthBasicProvider file
  AuthUserFile /Applications/MAMP/conf/apache/extra/auth-pass-file
  Require valid-user

However it is asking for a password when we go to http://site.com/ or http://site.com.

Can someone suggest a solution so that authorization only is asked for sub paths?

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<LocationMatch "^/.*/.+$"> should work. Your LocationMatch is actually selecting everything in the root directory, you need to go one level down.

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We added specific directories to check (ones that exist) and created an error redirect when people tried to fish for non-existent pages.

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Because authz rules are applied not only to the actually-requested /, but also to what that expands to -- such as /index.html

You need to allow that separately, unfortunately...

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