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The github integration with Basecamp adds items to the progress and events section of Basecamp without actually adding a message, calendar, todo, etc. When looking at the api https://github.com/37signals/bcx-api the events are all read-only. I tried doing a post request to /projects/x/events.json but got back a (422) Unprocessable Entity error.

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It seems undocumented, but the requirements to post to the events api are as follows:

description, url, title, and service

If you have all those in your json object and post to the events api /projects/x/events.json it will work.

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Can you elaborate on what the parameters mean / represent (specifically url and service)? Also, do the Events you create via the API appear in the "summary" page of a basecamp project? –  Nathan Anderson Mar 3 '13 at 0:54

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