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I am trying to get value of gdb call command to a python variable using python scripting support.

My Script

import gdb

res = []
res.append(gdb.execute("call factorial(4)"))
res.append(gdb.execute("call factorial(5)"))
print res


$4 = 24
$5 = 120
[None, None]

Anything that I am doing wrong ?

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Exact duplicate. stackoverflow.com/questions/8986589/… –  CppLearner Feb 9 '13 at 0:03
my GDB version is 7.5 –  ZEN.Kamath Feb 9 '13 at 0:05

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Looking at the linked question, it looks like you are missing a few flags. Does

import gdb

res = []
res.append(gdb.execute("call factorial(4)", False, True))
res.append(gdb.execute("call factorial(5)", False, True))
print res

work? (doc)

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