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I asked a question about how to take A_board=[['0', '0'],['1', '1']]. And I want to take this nested list apart and get a result, which if I call print result, it would display: < 0 0 > < 1 1 >.

I was told to use ' '.join('< {} {} >'.format(*items) for items in A_board), but this only works for two tuples, it is not flexible. What if I have a [[0],[0],[0]] and want to make it into < 0 > < 0 > < 0 > ? Right now I have to type in an extra {} everytime the len(A_board) increases.

ex. if A_board length is 2, then there will be two {}'s

if A_board length is 3, then there will be three {}'s

what is a better way to do this?


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You could just do another join:

' '.join('< {} >'.format(' '.join(items)) for items in A_board)

which will work for any length of items.

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I think .join(map(str, items)) is needed as they're ints but yup :) –  Jon Clements Feb 9 '13 at 0:24

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