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I'm trying to follow a tutorial on Erlang lists and I'm having difficulty passing an argument to a list. The following is the code, I'm unsure how to run it, I get the error,

exception error: no function clause matching insert

I've tried


on the command line and many others...


insert(X,[]) ->
insert(X,Set) ->
    case lists:member(X,Set) of
        true  -> Set;
        false -> [X|Set]
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The code you've posted works fine.

You may want to recompile it with c(cases) then give it a shot.

But it works just fine for me, I've copied and pasted it into cases.erl and this is the result of the command line:

7> cases:insert(0,[1]).                                                                             
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Its weird,if you try to use the word set instead of Set you get an error. Thats what it was. I was using the code I typed with lower case letters and the code I posted was copied verbatim from the tutorial with no changes. – lost_with_coding Feb 9 '13 at 1:10
The reason is that set and Set are two different type of objects. The set is atom, a literal constant with a name, while Set is a variable. It's part of the Erlang syntax, it's a variable iff it starts with an uppercase letter or _. – rvirding Feb 9 '13 at 1:37

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