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i have a problem, i am using dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']); to get a the url of the current page and i have ended up with this /clients/sherloc_media/install and im trying to use explode() to get just this /clients/sherloc_media i need this for 1 variable and then i need sherloc_media for another, i have been attempting this for the past few hours as the /clients/sherloc_media i am going to be using as the $root variable,

Somehow i have ended up with links like this http://localhost/clients/sherloc_media/operate/opertate/index.php

when its suposed to be http://localhost/clients/sherloc_media/opertate/index.php

any help would be great thanks, i dont have any code that ive used to get the error result as i have been deleting and starting again, you know the crack, cheers

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One of many ways:

$firstPart = substr(rtrim($path, '/'), 0, strrpos($path, '/'));

Or if you prefer explode:

$parts = explode('/', trim($path, '/'));
$firstPart = $parts[0] . '/' . $parts[1];
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Thank you :) great help –  Connor Feb 9 '13 at 0:42

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