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I attempted to duplicate an image swap but the mouseout ends up being image 3 on each of the three swaps when I'd only like it to be on the last. Any help I can get on figuring out how I make the swaps distinct from one another so they are not calling the same image would be much appreciated, thanks!


if(document.images) {
    cars1 = new Array();
    cars1[1] = new Image();
    cars1[1].src = "car4.png";
    cars1[2] = new Image();
    cars1[2].src = "car1.png";

function swapping_pics(picture_name, value_2) {
    document.images[picture_name].src = cars1[value_2].src;


if(document.images) {
    cars2 = new Array();
    cars2[1] = new Image();
    cars2[1].src = "car5.png";
    cars2[2] = new Image();
    cars2[2].src = "car2.png";


function swapping_pics(picture_name, value_2) {
    document.images[picture_name].src = cars2[value_2].src;

if(document.images) {
    cars3 = new Array();
    cars3[1] = new Image();
    cars3[1].src = "car6.png";
    cars3[2] = new Image();
    cars3[2].src = "car3.png";

function swapping_pics(picture_name, value_2) {
    document.images[picture_name].src = cars3[value_2].src;

<div id="imageswap1" onMouseOver="swapping_pics('car1',1)" onMouseOut="swapping_pics('car1',2)" href="javascript:void">
    <img name="car1" border=”0” src="car1.png" alt="car1">

<div id="imageswap2" onMouseOver="swapping_pics('car2',1)" onMouseOut="swapping_pics('car2',2)" href="javascript:void">
    <img name="car2" border=”0” src="car2.png" alt="car2">

<div id="imageswap3" onMouseOver="swapping_pics('car3',1)" onMouseOut="swapping_pics('car3',2)" href="javascript:void">
    <img name="car3" border=”0” src="car3.png" alt="car3">
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You can't have multiple functions with the same name: swapping_pics, to solve your problem, you could add an id to each function, like: swapping_pics_01, swapping_pics_02, swapping_pics_03.

But this, doens't solve the mess that you have, instead of all that code, CSS can do that in a much better way ...


<div id="imageswap1" class="swap"></div>
<div id="imageswap2" class="swap"></div>
<div id="imageswap3" class="swap"></div>


// This class "swap" is general to all the divs
.swap {
    width: 500px; // This is the image size
    height: 400px;

#imageswap1       { background-image: url("car01.png"); }
#imageswap1:hover { background-image: url("car04.png"); } // Mouse over 1

#imageswap2       { background-image: url("car02.png"); }
#imageswap2:hover { background-image: url("car05.png"); } // Mouse over 2

#imageswap3       { background-image: url("car03.png"); }
#imageswap3:hover { background-image: url("car06.png"); } // Mouse over 3

Fiddle with the example:

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Solved! Thank you very much and the CSS tip is appreciated too, you just saved me thirty lines or so i can clean up. – user2056315 Feb 9 '13 at 3:38
+1 Toni. And @user2056315, don't forget to select Toni's answer as correct – Michael Peterson Feb 9 '13 at 3:39
user2056315 CSS can be a great buddy, its simple and clean code. By the way, thanks @MichaelPeterson... – Toni Almeida Feb 9 '13 at 3:54

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