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I'm new at php programming, and I want to ask question:

So I have 3 php forms:

  • insertworkerform.php
  • inserttoolsform.php
  • insertorderform.php

Inside those files I used <form action=class.controller.php> tag that will be used to control those file, so i need to know which file the request come from, is it possible? and then when i know which file use controller class i will call the method from another class corresponding to those 3 file request, is it alright?

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If I understand right you have 3 forms in three separate files? You have one controller for all three so you want to know how to pass which file sent it?


    <input type="hidden" value="NAME OF FILE">

Replace the value with the documents name.

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Matthew Brown is right, here is another way to do it, only for learning purposes.



<!-- pass variable 'from' to the controller -->
<form action='class.controller.php?from=insertworkerform'>


    // example, if you want to store in database remember SQL Injection
    $from = isset($_GET['from'])?
        $_GET['from'] :
        'I dont know which form called me';

    // You can do what you want with the var $from
    // like this
    switch($from) {
        case 'insertworkerform':
            // bla bla
        case 'another_form':
            // bl bla
            // I dont know which form called me
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