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Hello friends i am new to C language I am getting an error in my program(in turbo c compiler)


void main()
    FILE *fopen().*p;//error call of nonfunction
    char name[10];

    printf("enter your name:");
    fprintf("p,"my name is %s",name);

i would be happy if someone look at my problem and give some solution..

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The code you posted most likely isn't the same code you compiled. You should have gotten a number of syntax error messages, which you didn't mention. Look for mismatched quotation marks.

Your line:

FILE *fopen().*p;

was probably intended to be:

FILE *fopen(),*p;

That would declare both the fopen() function and the FILE* object p. But it's completely unnecessary to declare fopen yourself; that's what the #include <stdio.h> is for. So just change it to

FILE *p;

While you're at it, change void main() to int main(void), and get rid of whatever book told you that void main() is correct.

And scanf("%s",name); is unsafe. It will read as many a space-delimited sequence of characters into name. The problem is, you haven't told scanf how big name is. If I type 20 characters, scanf will write past the end of name. Hilarity will ensue.

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The error line should be like this:

FILE *p = fopen("rec.dat", "r");
// remove the subsequent call of fopen below

or just

FILE *p;
// Keep the fopen call below
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No, it shouldn't. That line attempts to declare both the fopen function and the FILE* object p. –  Keith Thompson Feb 9 '13 at 3:05
Shouldn't it just be FILE *p;? There's a proper fopen call just below. –  zwol Feb 9 '13 at 3:06

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