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I can't believe I've never done this before....

Here's my situation: I am using 2 jQuery plugins. Shadowbox and validate (bassistance).

I click on a link to sign up for a newsletter. The link opens a form in a shadowbox. No biggie. The form is validated with the plugin.

When the form is validated and ready to submit, it doesn't.

This is what my submitHandler option (in the validate plugin) looks like:

submitHandler: function(form) {


var s = window.parent.Shadowbox;{
player:     'iframe',
title:      'Thank you!',
content:    '',
width:      270,
height:     110

Help :)


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2 Answers 2

Not sure if this helps but I've used a hidden iframe for uploads before.

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If your form has a submit button with name of 'submit' as well, it won't submit programmatically. Well, at least in some browsers.

Who knows why?.. Comment please ;)

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