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I have a table in excel with 2 columns, the E column is the running total the D column is the input value so normally it would be = E15+D16 however, i want the E column to return a blank if nothing is entered in the D column- what formula do I need?

1   Nov-23  Nov-30  1,230   1,230
2   Dec-01  Dec-07  130     1,360
3   Dec-08  Dec-14  416     1,776
4   Dec-15  Dec-21  124     1,900
5   Dec-22  Dec-28  102     2,002
6   Dec-29  Jan-04  83      2,085
7   Jan-05  Jan-11  95      2,180
8   Jan-12  Jan-18  88      2,268
9   Jan-19  Jan-25  102     2,370
10  Jan-26  Feb-01  130     2,500
11  Feb-02  Feb-08  311     2,811
12  Feb-09  Feb-15      
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You dont even need the ISBLANK, just use empty quotes.

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ISBLANK is what you're looking for.

In E16 =IF(ISBLANK(D16), "", E15+D16)

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Thank you Tim worked a treat - I had a complete mind block – user1817456 Feb 9 '13 at 5:54

Use If and IsBlank in conjunction.

Do a check to see if the cell is blank, then depending on the result do the sum or the return blank. I don't have excel in front of me atm, but it should go something like this:

=if(ISBLANK(D16), "", E15+D16)

You can drag this down starting from the second cell in the column where this running total lives. The first one is obviously just the value from the adjacent cell.

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Thank you mcalex worked a treat – user1817456 Feb 9 '13 at 5:54
glad i could help – mcalex Feb 9 '13 at 5:55
@user1817456 If you're happy with the solution proposed - please accept the answer by ticking it, this will mark the question solved. – Peter L. Feb 9 '13 at 7:30

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