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When I am executing the following code to the local machine, it works fine:

string eventLogName = "Security";
string sourceName = "BTHUSB";
string machineName = "Venus";
EventLog eventLog;
eventLog = new EventLog();
eventLog.Log = eventLogName;
eventLog.Source = sourceName;
eventLog.MachineName = machineName;

foreach (EventLogEntry e in eventLog.Entries)
    Console.WriteLine("Entry type :{0}",e.EntryType);

When I am executing above code it does not execute it gives an error as:

Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation

How to solve it?

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Run the code under a user who has local admin permissions on remote machine.

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I tend to develop software on my host as an ordinary user so that I can detect this issues immediately. –  Richard Schneider Feb 9 '13 at 5:53

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